HD Brows - £25.00


At Solsa we use a seven step process, where our HD trained technicians use a mixture of threading, tweezing, tinting and waxing to define and perfect your brows.

A patch test is required.



Brow Perfect Eyebrow Extensions


Brow Perfect Eyebrow Extensions

The salon treatment to give you picture perfect brows.

Brow perfect creates volumne and fills in overzealous plucking mistakes of the past giving you the full defined brow you've always envied.  Similar to eyelash extensions Brow Perfect creates a tailor made brow by attaching individual eyebrow extensions onto existing fine hairs or directly onto the skin. The end result gives the eyebrow depth and dimension that is impossible to achieve from pencils and powders.

A full brow can also easily be achieved for those with no eyebrows by attaching the brows directly onto the skin and using a template guide to give a perfect shape.

Brow Perfect eyebrow extensions can last up to 7-10 days if looked after carefully and cost from £20 upwards depending on how many brows need to be attached.

A patch test is required 48 hours before application.

Brow Perfect

Brosw Perfect