Shellac - The Two Week Manicure! No drying time! No chipping!!

Shellac will make you DIY manicurists seriously consider going back to the nail salon. It‘s amazingly different. Shellac is a hybrid of traditional nail polish and UV gel polish. Unlike soak off gels it comes in a polish bottle and unlike traditional polish it cures/dries under a uv lamp. No chipping and lasts for up to two weeks!!

We also stock CND Additives which are fine coloured powders, foils, glitters, rhinestones and nail art, enabling us to create bespoke nails of your choice.  See our face book page for our picture gallery of different designs.

solsa tanning and nails

So how does it work?

Shellac paints on like polish with a base coat, two coats of colour and a shiny top coat and is cured in a uv light, so there is zero drying time! It comes in a range of colours from pretty French pink and whites, to siren red and rich darks. It is thin and flexible like polish and provides nail protection which allows your natural nails to grow. It has a resilient mirror finish that resists dullness and chipping and lasts for two weeks.

Removal is just as easy within ten minutes with no soaking, drilling of filing necessary.

Twenty minutes of time in exchange for two weeks of perfect colour is all it takes.

A shellac treatment at Solsa costs:

£20.00 Fingers or Toes

£25.00 Removal of old shellac and re-apply new shellac colour fingers or toes

£35.00 Fingers and Toes

£40.00 Soak off and re apply shellac to fingers and toes