Waxing Pricelist

Clean and easy waxing system - a unique hygienic form of hair removal that reduced the risk of discomfort and reaction. Waxperts hot wax: A super flexible wax with no double dipping policy

Full Leg £18.00
Half Leg £12.00
Half Leg, Bikini Line & Eyebrows £25.00
Bikini Line (see below for full list)             from £10.00
Underarm £8.00
Lip & Chin £10.00
Lip or Chin £7.00
Forearm £9.00
Eyebrow Waxing £8..00




Our bikini waxes

Prices start from 10.00 for the basic up to 35.00 for the Hollywood.


The basic

This is a modest bikini wax, most suitable for Bridget Jones" underwear!


The Extended

This is a tighter wax, more suitable for high cut underwear or swimwear.


The In Betweeny

Not quite a Brazilian, leaves some hair on the lips. Hair is also removed from the bum. Suitable for G-string underwear.


The Brazilian

Classic Brazilian wax, leaving a strip or a small triangle of hair on the front of bikini line. All the hair underneath on the lips/labia and bum is removed.


The Hollywood

Totally bare! All the pubic hair is removed.


Our range of treatments

So, what are you looking for?

From your head to your toes we've got it covered. Want to keep it classic with an eyebrow, underarm, Brazilian and leg wax? Or add in something new like a nasal? If there's hair we're there!

Oh no, it's not for you...

  • If you are on Roaccutane or acne medication
  • If you are using anti ageing or skin thinning products for facial waxing
  • If you are sunburnt or have been exposed to UV rays within the last 12 hours
  • If you have varicose veins
  • If you are diabetic*
  • If you are allergic to essential oils or latex*

* Please call to speak to one of our waxperts to arrange a complimentary patch test.

Don't forget...

  • You must avoid hot showers, baths, saunas, steam rooms and UV exposure for 24 hours after your wax
  • You must avoid exercise or excessive perspiration
  • You cannot apply fake tan or deodorant over the area for 12 to 24 hours
  • You must exfoliate in between your wax